Weather & Cancellation Policy

Conditions for Closing the Pool

Decisions on pool closings will be made by the pool manager/supervisor. Determining factors contributing to pool closure/swim lesson cancellations include:
  • Patron load: If in any given one hour there are less than 20 patrons inside the facility, the pool may be closed.
  • Severe weather: Severe weather may consist of constant rain, lightning, and/or thunder.
    • Severe weather warnings issued for the Manitowoc Country Area: The pool will go on hold for the duration of the warning.
    • The pool manager/supervisor may decide to go into a holding procedure. A holding procedure means keeping all patrons out of the water a minimum of 30 minutes after the last lightning or thunder.
    • The pool will remain open for the first two hours of the day. If there are less that 20 patrons the facility will close and reopen at 3:30 pm for two hours. If there are less that 20 patrons after two hours again the facility will remain closed for the rest of the day.
  • Water temperature: If the water temperature is 65 degrees or below (as stipulated by the state code), the pool will be closed.