Swimming Lessons

The purpose of the Manitowoc Recreation Department's Swim Program is to develop competent and confident swimmers. Students enrolled in our lessons will advance to the next level only when he or she can proficiently and safely perform all required skills within his or her level. Each child is unique and will learn and progress at his or her own pace.

Parent/Child and Tots

Parent/Child: 6 months - 2 years, a parent/guardian must be in the water with the infant 

Our Parent/Child swimming lessons are designed for an adult with an infant (6 mo - 2 years). This class is designed to help infants become used to their bodies moving through the water. Infants will learn what feels like to move through the water, lay on their tummies and backs in the water, reach through the water, and jump into the pool! The adult will be in the water working with the infant while the instructors lead you through a variety of songs and games. 

Tots: 2 - 5 years old

The Tot class is for toddlers aged 2 years - 5 years of age. This class is designed to help tots become more independent in the water. The tots will work with out instructors to become more comfortable in the water. They will work on exploring the water themselves through games and songs. Tots will also learn basic skills like kicks, reaches and pulls, and start working on floats. 

Levels 1 - 6: 5 years and older, based on skill ability 

All students progress at different rates and will be assessed as an individual. Swimmers should not feel discouraged if their friends are in a different level than them. Many students may stay in the same level for several sessions before perfecting the skills to move into the next level. 

Level 1:

Level 1 is an introduction to water skills. Swimmers must be at least 5 years old and older. Level 1 is designed to help young swimmers feel comfortable and confident in the water. Instructors will assist swimmers with floating, reaching, kicking, and learning other basic water skills. Swimmers should be comfortable doing at least 1 bob (submerging their head under the water and quickly returning to the surface right away) before entering Level 1. 

Level 2:

In Level 2, swimmers will learn the fundamentals of swimming. This includes 3 different types of floats, glides, an introduction to treading water, and more! In Level 2, swimmers will start to become a less dependent on the instructors to assist them with skills (like holding them during floating).  Swimmers need to at least be able to do 5 complete bobs and back float for 5 seconds (without help) to enter Level 2. 

Level 3:

The focus of Level 3 is to learn stroke development. Swimmers in Level 3 are able to float and swim a short distance without any assistance from an instructor. In Level 3 swimmers start to learn about rotary breathing and different types of dives. Level 3 swimmers will also start to build endurance by treading water. Swimmers must be able to tread water for 15 seconds without help (assist from an instructor, touching the wall, touch the floor), float for up to 15 seconds without help, and glide without assistance to enter Level 3. 

Level 4: 

In Level 4, the emphasis is on improvement. Swimmers will get their stroke fine tuned to ensure they are properly doing the strokes they have learned up to this point. Swimmers in Level 4 will also start to build their endurance by swimming full lengths of the pool. In Level 4 students will also be introduced to Sidestroke and Breaststroke. Swimmers in this level will start to learn about open turns as well. Requirements to enter Level 4 include, but are not limited to, successful rotary breathing, floating for 1 minute, swim front crawl and elementary backstroke for 15 yards. 

Levels 5 and 6:

Stroke Refinement is the main priority for Levels 5 and 6. In each of these levels, swimmers will work on perfecting their strokes, learning the remainder of strokes, and an introduction into flip turns. In Level 5, swimmers will be required to swim a minimum of 25 yards at a time, up to 50 yards without stopping. In Level 6, swimmers will be required to swim up to 100 yards without stopping. Levels 5 and 6 help prepare students to swim for fitness, competition, water safety, or fundamentals of diving. At the end of Level 6, swimmers will be able to perform 100 yards of front crawl, elementary backstroke, breaststroke, 50 yards of  back crawl and sidestroke, and 25 yards of butterfly. Students will also be able to perform sitting dives, kneeling dives, standing dives, compact dives, and both feet first and hear first surface dives. 

Registration can be completed online, by calling the Recreation Office at (920) 686-3060, or by stopping in at the Recreation Department located at 3330 Custer Street, Manitowoc.