Chilean Rose Tarantula

Animal Summary

The zoo's Chilean rose tarantula was donated from the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary in Green Bay, Wisconsin in 2001. Its small tank allows the tarantula to be able to hunt down its prey of crickets without having to spin a web.


  • The tip of a tarantula's foot has two claws, a hook, and serrated hairs, all of which grip strongly to most surfaces.
  • Tarantulas have a venomous bite that is used to subdue prey and seldom used to defend themselves. The primary defense for many tarantulas is the ability to release a spray of irritant hairs known as urticating hairs. The hairs have barbs and can be mildly to intensely irritating, depending on where they land.
  • No human has ever been known to have died from a tarantula bite.

Chilean rose tarantulas are not in danger of becoming endangered.


Tarantulas are threatened by habitat destruction.