Zoological Society

Zoological Society

Society Mission Statement

The mission of the Lincoln Park Zoological Society is to assist and support the City's efforts to maintain an ethical, high quality public zoo. Towards that end we will educate zoo visitors, provide Manitowoc County with a diverse array of native and exotic animals and improve the living conditions and habitat for animals at the zoo.

Join the Keeper's Club

Support the Lincoln Park Zoo and the Zoological Society by joining the Keeper's Club. The Zoological Society supports the zoo not only through monetary contributions, but also through volunteer efforts and other resources and is a great asset to the growth of the zoo. You can also help out by donating your time. Fill out the Keeper's Club Response Card today!

Support Level:
  • $500 Lifetime Guardian
  • $250 Feathered Friends
  • $100 Bear Hug Circle
  • $ 50 Bison Bunch 
  • $ 25 Tortoise Team

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