Parks & Amenities

Manitowoc Parks

Unless posted otherwise, park hours are 6:00 AM to 11:00 PM, except for Camp Vits Park & Evergreen Cemetery which are open dawn to dusk.

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Park Map Acres
Burger Boat Company Map 0.70
Calumet Avenue Wayside Map 4.82
Camp Vits Map 76.62
Citizen Park Map 26.70
Dale Street Map 2.17
Dewey Street / Miracles Map 26.51
Emma Radandt Map 5.19
Fleetwood Map 11.04
Halvorsen Map 10.02
Henry Schuette Map 65.17
Indian Creek Map 46.41
Lakeview Map 21.51
Lincoln Map 114.69
Lincolnshire Map 2.59
Little Manitowoc River Walkway Map 5.24
Manitou Park Map 25.33
Manitowoc Shipbuilders Company Map .54
Manitowoc Small Boat Harbor Map 22.41
Mariner's Landing Map .08
Mariner's Trail Map
Memorial Drive Wayside Map 7.51
Municipal Baseball Field Map 18.35
Pulaski Map 3.14
Red Arrow blank 19.77
Rheaume Map 5.55
Riverheights Map 23.95
Riverview Drive Map 15.75
Riverview aka John Schuette Park Map 2.68
Silver Creek Map 71.74
Silveridge Map 11.02
South 14th Street Parkland Map 5.82
South Lakefront Wayside Map 1.66
Union Map 3.72
Washington Map 3.75
Westfield Map 5.09

Brochure with a map of city parks & their amenities

Map of Lakefront Trails - North Side
Map of Lakefront Trails - South Side
Map of UW-Manitowoc Trails
Dogs in Parks
Dogs are allowed in all City of Manitowoc parks, EXCEPT Citizen Park, Miracles Park, and the Lincoln Park Zoo area, and must be leashed unless signs indicate it is a dog run area.  Dogs are not allowed in Evergreen Cemetery, school grounds, or at any special event where it is posted that dogs are prohibited.

Metal Detecting in Parks

Metal detecting is not allowed in City of Manitowoc parks, except for beach areas.

Smoking in Parks
No one may smoke or use smokeless tobacco or electronic cigarettes at or within 50 feet of the Manitowoc Youth Baseball Complex at Citizen Park or at or within 50 feet of any playground or play structure located on City property.