Board of Review


  • Meets annually anytime during the 45-day period beginning on the fourth Monday in April. The Board of Review cannot meet sooner than 7 days after the last day on which the assessment roll is open for examination (open book).
  • 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. and recess thereafter from time to time until its business is completed
  • City Hall
    900 Quay St.
    Manitowoc, WI 54220


The Board of Review is made up of seven members and five alternates that serve one-year terms:
  • Mayor Justin M. Nickels, member
  • Mackenzie Reed-Kadow, City Clerk, member
  • Scott McMeans, Alderperson, member
  • Jeremiah Novak, Alderperson, member
  • Jim Brey, Alderperson, member
  • Eric Sitkiewitz, Alderperson, member
  • Steve Czekala, Alderperson, member
  • Brett Vanderkin, Alderperson, alternate
  • John Brunner, Alderperson, alternate
  • Aaron Bailey, Alderperson, alternate
  • Bill Schlei, Alderperson, alternate
  • Courtney Hansen, Alderperson, alternate

The Board of Review of the City of Manitowoc shall be composed of the Mayor, the City Clerk, and five (5) members of the common council to be appointed annually by the Mayor. The Mayor may also appoint up to five (5) additional members of the Common Council as alternates to serve in the event of the unavailability of any member of the Board of Review on any matter.


The Board of Review is a quasi-judicial body empowered with three primary duties. BOR can adjust assessments when they have been proved incorrect by sworn oral testimony. BOR can correct errors or omissions in the descriptions or computations found on the assessment roll. BOR can check the assessment roll for omitted property and double assessments.