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Posted on: January 6, 2020

Letters for Tomorrow - City of Manitowoc's 150th Anniversary!


Letters For Tomorrow Time Capsule Project

Share your story with us! The collected "Letters for Tomorrow" will be added to Manitowoc's 150th Anniversary Time Capsule, which will be opened in March, 2070. "'Letters For Tomorrow" will help you tell our future community residents about you, your family, and/or your business or organization. CLICK HERE to download the special letterhead to write your letter!

What will you do with my LFT?

"Letters For Tomorrow" will be gathered at City Hall and the Manitowoc County Historical Society. The letters will be placed in the Manitowoc 150th Anniversary Time Capsule on Monday, March 16, 2020 at the Manitowoc Common Council meeting. The meeting will begin at 6:30 pm at City Hall in Council Chambers, on the first floor (900 Quay St. , Manitowoc). They will remain sealed in the time capsule until the date of its opening, 50 years in the future (March of 2070). After the capsule is opened, the LFTs are intended to be entered into the Manitowoc County Historical Society's collection for future preservation and education about our time. 

Who can write a "Letter For Tomorrow"? 

ANYONE! An individual, a family, a small business, a large business, a corporate office that operates locally, a non-profit organization, service clubs, 'fun' clubs, volunteer clubs, special interest groups and committees, churches and other religious organizations, etc. 

Do I have to live in Manitowoc to fill out a "Letter For Tomorrow"? 

As long as you engage in the Manitowoc community, you are welcome and invited to complete an LFT. If you live, work, volunteer, or spend time in Manitowoc, own a business or do business in Manitowoc, engage in an organization that operates in or serves Manitowoc, or otherwise participate in the community of Manitowoc at this time or have done so in the past, you can contribute your story via a 'Letter for Tomorrow'. 

Where do I go to get a "Letter For Tomorrow"?

 “Letters For Tomorrow” should be written on special 150th anniversary letterhead, which is available for download at the link above and You can also pick up a copy at the Clerk’s Office in Manitowoc City Hall or the Manitowoc County Historical Society. Letterhead may also be mailed to you by contacting the Manitowoc County Historical Society at (920) 684-4445.

What should I do with my completed "Letter for Tomorrow"? 

You may return completed letters at any time. The last day letters will be accepted for placement in the Manitowoc 150th Anniversary Time Capsule is March 16, 2020 - the day the capsule will be sealed. You may return your letters to the Manitowoc County Historical Society at 924 Pinecrest Road, Manitowoc, WI 54220.

Can I include a photograph, drawing, ad, brochure etc. in my "LFT"? 

Absolutely! We welcome the inclusion of letter-sized materials that help add richness to the story of your family, business or organization. Patrons are able and welcome to include any additional items that will fit within the dimensions of a closed letter (approx. 5 ½" x 8 ½"). We ask that no delicate/breakable objects or organic elements such as pressed flowers, a lock of hair, food or other consumable items be included in order to ensure personal safety and the integrity of the preservation-minded environment. We also ask that letters are able to close relatively flat (depth maximum of ½") in order to allow space for all time capsule contents. If you have a special reason for including items that fall outside of this dimension, please contact the Manitowoc County Historical Society for further conversation. 

How many "Letters For Tomorrow" can I write?

 You can write as many letters as you wish. You may write a letter to be completed on your family as a whole, and also write/contribute letters completed by each individual member of your family, with a focus on their own unique stories, and include a letter for your business. You are welcome to write letters for groups, committees or organizations that you are a part of; however, we would prefer that the letters be completed by or in conjunction with leaders that have the most knowledge about the group. 

Will you bury the Time Capsule? 

No, the Manitowoc 150th Anniversary Time Capsule will not be buried. The sealed time capsule will be placed in the Manitowoc County Historical Society collections storage space until it is opened, in March, 2070.

For more information please contact the Manitowoc County Historical Society at (920) 684-4445 or visit

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