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River Heights Park

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  1. Dogs Allowed
  2. Walking / Hiking

General Information

Located at 1730 North Rapids Road, River Heights Park is one of Manitowoc’s largest parks consisting of 23.94 acres of undeveloped parkland along the scenic Manitowoc River.  Visitors to the park can enjoy the forest-like atmosphere and views of the river.  Public access to the park is available at the south end of Sylvan Drive and off of North Rapids Road.  


In February of 1981, the corporation River Heights Estates, Inc. sold the land to the Town of Manitowoc Rapids for $1.00 and other valuable considerations.  In the summer of 1985, an agreement was then made between the Town of Manitowoc Rapids and the City of Manitowoc, which included transfer of the parkland to the City of Manitowoc.