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Forestry Division

  1. Wood For Sale - Interest Form

    This form is to be completed by individuals interested in being added to the list for wood sales when wood is available.

Parade Forms

  1. Memorial Day Parade Entry Form 2022

    Memorial Day Parade Entry Form 2022

Report a Concern Forms

  1. Animal Related (Dog at Large)
  2. Community Development / Planning

    Examples of why you'd want to contact the Community Development Department would include inquiring about what a specific property is... More…

  3. Electric Emergency (24 hours): Call (920) 683-4622
  4. Evergreen Cemetery
  5. Garbage Disposal or Storage of
  6. Manitowoc Family Aquatic Center
  7. Manitowoc Public Library
  8. Maritime Metro Transit
  9. Park Facility Rental
  10. Parking Concern
  11. Pothole (can see bottom of pothole) / Street Issues
  12. Recreation Division
  13. Sewer Blockage - Sanitary
  14. Sign Code Violation,,,

  15. Special Events on City Property
  16. Street Light Out
  17. Vehicle Junked or Abandoned
  18. Vehicle Repairs in Residential Zone
  19. Weeds / Tall Grass
  1. Building or Property Maintenance - Private Property
  2. Dead Animals
  3. Electrical Code Violation
  4. Finance / Taxes
  5. Junk Disposal or Storage of
  6. Manitowoc Fire Rescue Department

    This feature should NOT be used in emergencies. You should only contact the Manitowoc Fire Rescue Department (MFRD) in this manner for... More…

  7. Manitowoc Senior Center
  8. Municipal Court Question/Concern
  9. Park Property Maintenance
  10. Plumbing Code Violation
  11. Rahr-West Art Museum
  12. Sanitary and Storm Sewers, Manholes, & Storm Sewer Inlets
  13. Sidewalks
  14. Snow / Ice - Sidewalks
  15. Speeding / Traffic Concerns
  16. Tree or Shrub Concerns
  17. Vehicle Parking or Storage of
  18. Water Emergency 24 hours: Call (920) 684-4633
  19. Zoning Use Violation