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Little Manitowoc River Walkway & Prairie

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  1. Dogs Allowed
  2. Fishing
  3. Picnicking
  4. Walking / Hiking

General Information
 Located along the Little Manitowoc River and Lake Michigan, this 5.24 acre site provides tremendous coastal opportunities during a major part of the year. Scenic vistas, wildlife areas and passive recreational amenities such as paved walkways, fishing areas, benches, picnic areas, parking, and wildlife viewing areas are provided for both local and regional users.
The area includes:

  • paved walkway 
  • scenic vistas 
  • fishing 
  • benches and picnic areas 
  • wildlife areas
  • off-street parking at the Memorial Drive Wayside
Manitowoc River Walkway Map - near river 
2013 Little Manitowoc River Conservancy Prospectus
Outdoor Fitness Center
On August 11, 2017, a ribbon cutting was held for a new Outdoor Fitness Center underneath the open air shelter by Memorial Drive.  This project was generously funded by the Aurora Medical Center in an effort to continue to support their goal of fighting obesity and improving the community's overall wellness.  Use of the exercise machines is free and open to the public during regular park hours.