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Mariners Landing

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General Information
This .08 acre mini park compliments the beauty of the scenic river vista it adjoins. Located west of the 8th Street bridge, the park gives visitors to the downtown shopping district a beautiful place to rest on benches between the Eighth Street and Tenth Street bridges.  

Mariners Landing Park was developed in 1975 to provide:
  • a much needed downtown green area for passive recreation and preservation of river frontage property for public enjoyment by succeeding generations, 
  • a vital physical link and pedestrian continuity needed to make the Manitowoc Maritime Museum and the U.S.S. Cobia Submarine Memorial more accessible (the museum was located on the southeast side of the 8th Street bridge at the time and the submarine was located southwest of the 8th Street bridge) and an even greater historical and educational experience of state-wide and regional significance,
  • the final element necessary for a unique setting for bicentennial activities in 1976 as well as continued public use and appreciation for many years thereafter, and
  • a setting for unique educational experience for school groups and youth groups in reviewing Manitowoc's manufacturing role in the nation's defense, maritime history, maritime artifacts, documents, and memories which were close to Wisconsin's past."
Photo of Mariners Landing Park - Summer 1985